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The ample variety of high-pressure discharge lamps in view to their energetic and photometric characteristics allows for a wide range of applications requiring individual solutions. However, when operated by means of conventional igniters, a general disadvantage is given by the inability of the lamps to be instantaneously re-ignited once they have been switched off. Due to the high gas pressure in the discharge tube, the lamps need initially some time to cool down in order for the ignition voltage of 1 to 5 kV of the standard igniter to be sufficient.

Typical times for cooling down range, depending on the wattage, between 2 and 5 minutes for highpressure sodium vapour lamps and 10 and 20 minutes for metal halide lamps. Many lighting applications require lamps which are immediately ready for operation upon an interruption of the mains supply. This presents an absolute precondition e.g. in filming for movies and television, stadium lighting, at airports, in manufacturing plants and in fields of military or civil security. In order to comply with the requirement of an instantaneous re-ignition of lamps in hot condition, special hot restrike igniters are used. These igniters generate significantly higher ignition voltages and thus guarantee an instant restart.

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